Solar Panel Cleaning Adelaide


Book a trusted solar panel cleaner in Adelaide for maximum savings

Solar panels capture light from the sun and convert it into energy to use throughout the home. A larger surface area means that more light can be captured, and therefore more energy can be produced. Unfortunately, dirt on the surface of your solar panels obstructs the sunlight from being absorbed. In fact, it is not uncommon for unclean panels to reduce efficiency by twenty or thirty percent.  This dirt can build up over only a couple of months. After having paid a considerable sum to install your solar panels, it is only logical that you should keep them clean to ensure you get the best return on your investment.

Don’t make this common error with your solar panels

One mistake that many panel owners make is assuming that occasional rainfall will be all the cleaning that is needed. This is untrue for several reasons. First of all, here in Adelaide we may go many months without rain over the summer. This dry spell means that dirt has time to settle on your panels, and may need more pressure to remove than just the steady drizzling of rain. Rain can wash off the surface dirt on your panels, but not the hardened, baked on dirt and grime. Don’t rely on rain, and instead hire a professional solar panel cleaner in Adelaide. When we clean windows and solar panels, we use Pure Water which has had these elements removed. Unlike many other companies, we only use this Pure Water and no other toxic chemicals. Our priorities lie with the environment. It would hardly make sense to pollute your gutters in an attempt to use more green energy.

Treat your panels to a thorough solar panel cleaning service in Adelaide

Our solar panels are exposed to some very harsh conditions, from rain and wind to settling dust and leaves. Take a little care of them every now and then and you will be rewarded in terms of your energy savings. Here at Clean and Clear Window Cleaning SA, we recommend solar panel cleaning at least once per year in order to maintain peak efficiency. This advice is directly based on our own experience in viewing and cleaning panels for many years and is also recommended by all solar panel manufacturers. Certain properties or locations will be susceptible to increased risk and therefore will require more regular cleaning. For example, if you are in a highly polluted area near a highway or industrial area, you may want to consider cleaning twice per year. Likewise, coastal homes are also are higher risk because the salt in the air can be very abrasive. When mixed with moisture in the air as well, this can make the effects of dirt on your panels much worse. Solar panel cleaning in coastal Adelaide is most effective every 3-6 months.

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